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Why Did Almonte Increase my Sewer Service Charge?

  • see link to presentation under Documents or click here

What happened to my extra trash pickup?

  • Almonte Sanitation District Customers still get two extra trash pickup days per year. Residents need to call Mill Valley Refuse and arrange for the pickup. 415-457-9760 

What do I do with used batteries?

  • Used alkaline batteries are hazardous waste. They must be disposed of properly and not just thrown in the trash.

How do I dispose of an old computer & monitor?

  • Computers and monitors often contain lead and are considered hazardous waste. You need to take them to Hazardous Waste Area of Marin Resource Recovery. 415-485-6806 
  • You can also drop them off at:

This organization reuses as much of the dropped off/donated electronic equipment as possible and in many cases supplies a tax deductible receipt. See link for hours and locations.                                                                                    

Marin Computer Resource Center

(415) 883-1428

42 Digital Dr Ste 9

Novato, CA 94949

Can sewage back up in my home or business?

  • Yes, in extreme situations, it is possible for sewage to back-up into a home or business. Therefore, we recommend that you install a backwater overflow protection device. Such devices are readily available and, when properly installed, will prevent any sewage back-ups into homes or businesses. Contact our Manager, Bonner Beuhler for more information. email now