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District Compensation

In compliance with state law, we provide reports to the State Controller's office annually. Board and Staff member compensation can be viewed on the State Controller's PublicPay website.



Almonte Sanitary District Board members are not paid any salary: members are only compensated for the time they spend attending official Board meetings. Board members attend 1-2 meetings per month (regular meetings are held the fourth Monday of the month at 7 PM). Directors receive $100 compensation per meeting and the Board President and Secretary/Treasurer receives $125 for chairing the meeting. Directors who have been approved to attend other official meetings to represent Almonte will also receive $100 per meeting once their report is given at a regular Board meeting.


President: Lew Kious                                                                                           

Secretary/Treasurer: Anne Lahaderne                                                            

Director: Linda Rames                                                                                         

Director: Robert Cox 

District Manager Yearly Salary:  Shonn Dougherty $44,00/yr

Assistant Manager Yearly Salary: Dave Haflich $6,000/yr