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December 21, 2010: Almonte Sanitary District assesses accomplishments for end-of-year 2010. 

During it's regular Board of Directors meeting on December 20, the Almonte Board noted the following accomplishments of 2010:

+ Expanded outbound/e-mail communications to neighborhood

+ Updated website. The previous website was difficult to maintain. The new website is better organized and can be updated regularly

+ Instituted data backup procedures for all critical District files

+ In a difficult financial environment, held rate-increase hearings and enacted a minimum-increase rate structure..

+ Welcomed a new Director - Mary Fraser

+ Dealt with the serious issues of possible sanitary district consolidation as a result of State legislation and Marin LAFCO.

+ Completed joint capital improvement project to repair and upgrade our sewer infrastrucure

+ Submitted final Major Plan set as part of EPA settlement. Phase 3 capacity assurance, capital improvements, and certification of our final CCTV data and ratings.

  July 19, 2010: Almonte Sanitary initiates unique zero-interest financing for sewer replacement/repair.

The Almonte Sanitary District has established a progam for Almonte property owners whereby repairs and replacement of sewers on private property (known as private laterals) can be funded through zero-interest loans. This program is unique to Southern Marin and reflects Almonte Sanitary's belief that this work is among the most-important efforts that can be undertaken to protect our environment. The program will be operated in conjunction with the Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin (SASM) and makes use of funds that were set-aside through a recent settlement with the EPA.

SASM has set-aside funds as an EPA SEP (Supplemental Environmental Project) to be used for loans to Mill Valley property owners in upgrading and repairing private laterals. The basic SASM program charges a low percentage rate of interest. The Almonte program expands that support with Almonte Sanitary underwriting the interest and making the loans interest-free to Almonte property owners.

The basic terms of this program are:

-         Anyone can apply, regardless of income or credit history.

-         The loan amount is not limited, but may only cover the inspection and cost of repair or upgrading existing sewer connections (private laterals)

-         The loan can cover up-to 100% of the incurred expense

-         SASM will not deal directly with contractors, but will reimburse documented and qualified expenses paid by property owners

-         Only residential properties (single family) qualify. No apartment buildings.

-         For properties with a second-unit (in-law) component, only a single lateral may be repaired

-         The loans will need to be paid within three years. There will be a provision to pay thru property tax bills.

For more information, you can contact Almonte Sanitary via e-mail at Or you can go to the SASM page on the City of Mill Valley website,

You can go to our documents page under "Other Documents" to download more information and an application. Or click here for flyer or click here for an application,

Additional information will be posted here on the Almonte Sanitary website as it becomes available.

 July 12, 2010: Almonte Sanitary's Board of Directors approves lower rate increase

At the Public Hearing of July 12, which was scheduled to accept comments from the public regarding the proposed sewer rate increase, the Almonte Board of Directors voted to increase the annual assessment to $400. This amount was lower than the originally-announced increase of $500 and reflects the Board's desire to manage expenses. Several Almonte residents attended the meeting and voiced their opposition to the amount of the increase, and these comments were also a consideration in the Board's decision to lower the amount of the increase.

May 24, 2010: Almonte Sanitary's Board of Directors votes to initiate rate increase

At the regular monthly board meeting of May 24, 2010, the Almonte Sanitary District's Board of Directors unanimoously voted to begin the process of increaseing the sewage rate charged to Almonte residents. These rates are charged to all Marin County residents through annual assessments contained in their property tax bills. The process of increasing sewage rates is documents by statute and involves notification to propert owners and a period for public comment. The notices to property owners were mailed on May 27. The Public Hearing is scheduled for July 12 at 7:00 PM. It will be held in the conference room at 450 Sycamore Ave. (SASM offices). Additional information is contained under "Documents".

The need to raise Almonte sewage rates is necessitated primarily by an increase of the assessments which the Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin (SASM) charges ASD for treating the sewage delivered to it by its member agencies (of which ASD is one of six member agencies).

April 21, 2010: Almonte residents offered new services

Almonte Sanitary District (ASD) and Tamalpais Community Services District (TCSD) have reached an agreement whereby the residents of the Almonte neighborhood may now afford themselves of new services that were previously unavailable in Almonte. Effective immediately, Almonte residents may use the document shredding, medical waste disposal, compost pick-up, and wood-chips pick-up services that are provided by TCSD. For document shredding and medical waste disposal, Almonte residents may take their items to the TCSD yard at 305 Bell Lane for drop-off. Similarly, for Almonte residents who would like to acquire wood-chips or compost (for yard fertilizer), Almonte residents may go to the TCSD yard with an appropriate receptical/vehicle and pick-up these items.

TCSD's normal business hours are 8:00-4:30, Monday-Friday (except holidays). Their yard/offices are located at 305 Bell Lane, near the Tam Valley School. TCSD is a joint-member of the Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin (SASM).

April 14, 2010: Almonte Sanitary District launches its new website.

After a thorough review of needs and a competitive bid process, the Almonte Sanitary District has created and published a revamped website as a means of improving communication with our constituents. The new website contains many new and valuable features. Among these are an online calendar of events with integrated meeting agendas, an archive of past meeting minutes, and inbound and outbound e-mail. The website will also act as a primary information source to the residents of the Almonte heighborhood, and is expected to have regular updates to topics of interest (at least monthly). The "Home" page in particular has been improved to allow greater and dynamic display of matters of interest to residents and friends of Almonte.

February 5, 2010: Sanitary District Consolidation- LAFCO Update.

On February 5, Marin LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) held a "strategy workshop" to determine a direction for the potential consolidation of the Southern Marin sanitary districts. The consolidation of the sanitary districts of Southern Marin was mandated by legislation initiated by Jared Huffman, and was signed into law last year as AB1232. Many diverse views were expressed at the workshop, but no direct actions were taken. This is a very serious issue which could affect sewer services throughout Southern Marin.