• Why Did Almonte Increase my Sewer Service Charge? see link to presentation under Documents or click here

  • What happened to my extra trash pickup?

    Almonte Sanitation District Customers still get two extra trash pickup days per year. Residents need to call Mill Valley Refuse and arrange for the pickup. 415-457-9760 
  • What do I do with used batteries?

    Used alkaline batteries are hazardous waste. They must be disposed of properly and not just thrown in the trash.
  • How do I dispose of an old computer & monitor?

    Computers and monitors often contain lead and are considered hazardous waste. You need to take them to Hazardous Waste Area of Marin Resource Recovery. 415-485-6806 

    You can also drop them off at: 
    • Marin Computer Resource Center

    • (415) 883-1428
    • 42 Digital Dr Ste 9
    • Novato, CA 94949

    This organization reuses as much of the dropped off/donated electronic equipment as possible and in many cases supplies a tax deductible receipt. See link for hours and locations.                                                                                      
  • How do I properly dispose of home-generated pharmaceuticals and sharps?  You can use the link below to find current drop-off locations. Please check with them for special handling and/or other requirements:                                                                     

  •  Sharps and Medication Disposal Facilities search

  • What and What Not to Flush and Where to Dispose of Hazardous Waste

  • Can sewage back up in my home or business?

    Yes, in extreme situations, it is possible for sewage to back-up into a home or business. Therefore, we recommend that you install a backwater overflow protection device. Such devices are readily available and, when properly installed, will prevent any sewage back-ups into homes or businesses. Contact our Manager, Bonner Beuhler for more information. email now



Almonte Sanitary position on MVRS Food Composting services

Almonte has adopted Food Composting services through Mill Valley Refuse Service. See their website for more information. Available along with weekly green can pickup for all Almonte residents that have garbage service through MVRS.

Almonte Sanitary, through informational mailers to our residents and information posted on our website, has consistently urged residents to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to help achieve the Marin County Solid and Hazardous Waste Joint Powers Agency (JPA) adopted goals to divert 80 percent of the waste from the landfill by 2012 and to be at zero-waste by 2025, when the landfill becomes obsolete.